Pennsylvania Drug Card Testimonials

Our retail pharmacy uses the Pennsylvania Drug Card very frequently for patients that do not have insurance or even for patients that do have insurance and the prescription is not covered. It has been a very useful tool to decrease the out of pocket costs on prescription medication, especially on generics. Out of all of the discount cards I have used this one is the most consistent with decreasing out of pocket costs for our patients.

Justin O., PharmD
Philadephia, PA

Just a short note to let you know how much the Pa drug card has helped many of my patients. They are grateful for the help it gives them in affording expensive prescription medicines.

PSPA Chairperson

I wanted to reiterate how valuable your discount card has been for many of our customers. We have found considerable savings in utilizing the PA Drug Card Program. I was also pleasantly surprised to find all the professional organizations you are associated with and will continue to use the card when needed.

Bridgeville, PA